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Our campaign is meant to bring comfortable working conditions to employees, improve social and medical care, Women’s Rights and create educational programs for youth.

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We believe that every hardworking family deserves a good job, a quality life for their kids.

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Manny believes in Reading. He believes in it’s people. He believes in Reading’s potential.

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Our party offers a new political program with several rather powerful options for changing the economic situation in the country effectively.

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“I’m glad that The Partiso decided to visit the Siemens plant in Steele Creek. I pass this plant every day on my way to work.”

Don Joe


“I would like to support your ideas to make a better future for us and our children. Thank you for the work you do for our citizens!”

Sandra Watson


“Thank you for fighting against employees’ rights negligence. This used to be a huge issue at our plant, but now it gets much better.”

Daniel Green


Join Our Team and Make Us Stronger

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    Everyday Manny fights for our city in Harrisburg. Fighting to ensure that the 4th largest city in the Commonwealth of PA gets its fair due.

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